Level C

(Great For Business Startups)
$399 Down then $149/Month

$250.00 one time

Level C Subscription

$399 One Time Fee and $149/month


Dolphin Website Package: Level C

Level C Includes

✔ Maintenance & Support
✔ Shared Dedicated Hosting
✔ Business Consulting
✔ Triple Redundant Backups

Maintenance & Support

Your website will need fixed as browsers and web code updates from time to time. You will also undoubtedly have business questions and new ideas for your website. Since we talk to business owners from all walks of life on a daily basis we can give you insight into what works and what doesn't. This low monthly fee gives you the chance to seek our advice while also giving us the chance to keep you up and running 24/7. We want to help you thrive.
✔ 1 Hour Website updates
✔ Unlimited Website fixes and trouble shooting
✔ 2 Hours Phone support
✔ Including Business consulting

Shared Dedicated Hosting

This is not your typical hosting service. We have our dedicated server configured for war against your competitors. Its extremely fast, always available and highly secure. We have customized firewalls not only on your website but also built into the core of the server, in overlapping layers. One of our specialties is cyber security and you can rest assured your content, files and personal data will always be safe. We also take the time to backup all of our servers in triplicate multiple times a week. Similar services from GoDaddy cost 10 times as much and you have to setup and maintain all of it yourself, unless you want to pay them $299+ a month for 'Fully Managed' to do it for you. Even then it wouldnt touch what we have setup with our own servers, trust us to keep you up and running without breaking the piggy bank.
✔ 99.99% uptime
✔ Exceptionally fast load speeds
✔ Almost unlimited space (video hosting through YouTube)
✔ Multiple customized firewalls with country blocking
✔ Triple Redundant Backups
✔ cPanel access
✔ Worry free, hassle free
Website Creative Brief:
You will receive a custom website, sales updates, maintenance & support, Active SEO and full hosting. They are designed, hosted, maintained, and supported by Web Design by Andy. You can give us your current website's domain hosting login info or to get a custom domain name (www.yourname.com) if you don't already have one go to GoDaddy.com and buy a domain, average $15/year. We will access the domain provider with that information and change the records to point to our hosting servers. You will be able to track website visitors to all your pages with Google Analytics (if requested), we set that up with your Gmail account info. The send a message or order form emails will be sent to the email provided. All Sales Final.
Each level C, D AND E website packages receive a fully featured custom site with proven content already waiting to completely inform and win over your potential new clients. The website load and page speed is extremely fast, always available and optimized for mobile devices and tablets. Each site includes hosting, support, advanced security, a 100MB email account, and over 20 pre-made pages and more.

You will be able to choose from website themes below:
Available Styles: Gold, Blue, Silver, Green, Purple

Available Styles: Clear, Jade, Silver, Peach

Available Styles: Mountains, Waterfalls, Ocean Pier, Boardwalk, Beach

Included: Business Success Secrets eBook ($39 Value)
Included: Tower of Credit eBook ($39 Value)
Included: Business SUPER Glossary eBook ($39 Value)


Our support team will be available to assist with any questions and or concerns between the hours of 9AM-8PM CST. Monday-Saturday at 615-821-3995.

Customers must be able to follow instructions.

As long as you pay the monthly fee each month on the first of each month, you will remain active and continue to receive hosting and maintenance. If your monthly payment is declined or not received before the 5th or the month. The website hosting and any related services will be blocked/suspended. If you make your monthly payment plus a $25 reactivation fee before the 10th of the month, your access will be reinstated. If you do not make the monthly payment plus the $25 reactivation fee before the 10th of the month. Your account will go in to default status.

If the account is in default status for more then 30 days, the account will be terminated.

Level A & B website packages are NOT currently offered at this time.

All Sales Final.